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Looking for Tree Services Contractor Near You?

When you call our team of tree service professionals for assistance, you are making a valuable investment in the health of your trees and in the appeal of your property. Gary’s Tree Removal Wichita is more than just a service for felling trees. We offer a wide variety of services for the discerning property owner. Well cared for trees bring beauty to your environment and improve your quality of life.

This is why it is important to rely on the assistant of professionals rather than attempting do-it-yourself measures. Conducting tree services without proper education can not only risk the health of your trees but also the safety of your property. You are more likely to face pest infestations and diseases in your landscaping when your trees are given incorrect care. Once this happens, your trees are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions as well as death.

Our services include:

As tree service professionals, we have in-depth knowledge and skills for protecting the health of your trees. Our wide variety of services can transform the health of your trees and help them thrive and gain strength against pest infestations and diseases.

We take a holistic approach to tree services and we use state of the art technology as well as high-quality products and equipment to ensure the health of trees and the safety of your property. You can expect our tree service to provide a customized approach to serving you as well as a friendly attitude to customer service.

We provide exceptional Tree Removal and Cutting services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 15 years, including large corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls and apartments.

Sometimes keeping a tree at its present height is necessary. For example, a power line may be above, a garden may need more sun than a larger tree would allow, or branches from a tall tree might interfere with the growth of another tree. Making a tree stop growing toward the sky, as trees are meant to do, isn't a one-time job.

Trimming the limbs during the dormant season of late winter maintains a smaller shaped tree; however, trimming in midsummer takes away the food-producing part of the limbs, stunting growth more easily. Deciduous trees can be kept small, and evergreen trees can even be pruned into shrubs or hedges.

In Need of Tree Services Contractor Near You?

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