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Tree Trimming Wichita

Tree trimming and pruning is a science that requires knowledge and experience. You might be led to believe that simply cutting a tree limb can solve a problem, but you would be incorrect. Gary’s Tree Removal Wichita provides tree trimming that is accurate and according to the tree species. This is a practice that is often delayed and not prioritized by tree owners to the detriment of tree health.

Tree trimming is a needed task that can protect the curb appeal of your home and the health of your trees and the surrounding landscape. When you call our team of tree service professionals, you can have the confidence of knowing that you will have healthy trees that can withstand the test of time and weather.

Careful Tree Trimming

There are important industry standards for tree trimming. Our tree care service uses standards from the American National Standards Institute. This means our tools and techniques for tree trimming are methods provided by the institute.

When we evaluate your tree for trimming and pruning, we will share this information with you and provide you with a free estimate that is based on these standards of practice. Our Wichita tree service takes great pride in the high standard of care that we offer clients.

Tree Pruning Versus Tree Trimming

Many people understand the terms pruning and trimming to mean the same thing. As tree service professionals, we understand that the techniques are not the same. Trees that require the removal of dead limbs and branches are pruned and plants, as well as flowers, are trimmed to prevent overgrowth. No matter what term is used or what technique we employ, it will be of benefit to the health of your landscape and it will be accurate. We are deeply committed to ensuring every tree on your property is well maintained and free from disease and pest infestations. With proper care and pruning, you will soon see positive transformations that improve the quality and appearance of your trees.

In reality, pruning paint may impede healing and encourage the growth of rot organisms and insect infestation. Rather than seal out infection, wound dressings often seal in moisture and decay. In most cases, it is best to simply let wounds seal on their own.

Gary's Tree Removal Wichita - tree trimming wichita

Tree Trimming Controls Pests

Animals and insects are part of the circle of life and needed for a well-maintained ecosystem in your landscaping. Without them, your trees will not thrive. There needs to be a balance and when trees are not properly maintained, pest infestations can take over and destroy trees. Tree trimming and pruning can greatly benefit the health of your trees by controlling the overpopulation of insects and animals that may be building damaging nests or eating through leaves and destroying roots. With routine tree checks, our specialists can detect these issues and determine if tree trimming is the appropriate solution to correct the problem of pest infestations.

Tree Trimming Protects Your Property

We have a safety-first mission and services such as tree trimming, crown reduction and crown thinning require not only knowledge but also skill to ensure your property is not at risk of damage in the process. When trees are infected with pests or disease, they can create a risk to your property. Falling limbs can damage rooftops and vehicles and even injure people. Using an active plan for pruning can prevent these issues. We will also conduct a careful evaluation of your trees to ensure they can withstand damage from extreme weather conditions.

You can cut back any overhanging branch that comes into your property. However, the cut branch(es), and any fruit or flowers attached to the branch(es) remain the property of the tree owner and must be returned. If the tree has a Preservation Order on it then you cannot cut/pare any branches.

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