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Trees are a wonderful feature of any property but they need care and attention to thrive. Whether you have one or one hundred, we can help you maintain them at affordable prices. Tree care service doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor or one that feels like a burden. We perform a wide variety of services to lift the burden of tree care from your shoulders. Whether you need to remove a tree stump or you need a tree felled or wood chipping service, we can assist in an efficient, friendly, and professional manner, using safety first techniques. Our service provision can transform your landscape from chaos to beauty.

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Gary's Tree Removal Wichita - wichita tree service contractors

Tree Service Wichita

We provide a wide variety of tree services that protect the health of your landscape and the safety of your property. You don’t have to be an expert in tree care, you just need to hire one. We have affordable solutions for tree care that transform the health of your trees and help you maintain curb appeal. Our team of highly qualified tree service professionals are both trained and have years of experience to provide you with accurate solutions that do not harm.

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Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is a vital task that helps maintain their health. This also allows us to inspect for pest infestations and get rid of any diseased limbs that could jeopardize the lifespan of your trees and the surrounding greenery. Whether it’s tree trimming or tree pruning, we have the expertise you need to keep your trees growing in the right direction and keep them looking attractive. Tree trimming is an often delayed practice that can risk the safety of your property. Call us for an evaluation. We can help you determine the appropriate frequency of tree trimming.

Gary's Tree Removal Wichita - wichita tree service contractors

Tree Removal

You might love your trees but some require removal for the health of surrounding landscaping and the safety of your property. Consider the expense to your budget if your tree roots are encroaching on your foundation or cracking your sidewalks. In some cases, it’s better to remove a tree, rather than let it remain and damage property. Our team of tree service professionals are also able to conduct tree spade service so that you can keep your tree and transport it to another location.

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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

We are tree specialists who can quickly and efficiently remove tree stumps to keep your lawn looking good and free from pests and accidents. Services like stump grinding and stump removal can help you regain space for other landscaping or construction projects. Stump removal can also increases the visual appeal of your home. Rather than wait years for your tree stumps to decompose, we can provide stump grinding that transforms your space in a single day.

Gary's Tree Removal Wichita - stump removal and stump grinding

Brush Removal and Land Clearing

Don’t lose your home to brush fires or be overwhelmed by pest infestations from an overgrowth of weeds, bushes, and other decaying vegetation. As a professional tree service, we also improve the appeal of your property by conducting brush removal and land clearing. We use state of the art equipment rather than manual labor so that we make quick efficient work of the task. This will leave your property free of debris and grant you the ability to move forward with landscaping plans.

Gary's Tree Removal Wichita - wichita tree service contractors

Tree Removal Derby KS

We also do tree services in Derby KS. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to remove a tree from your property. But doing it yourself is not recommended, particularly if you have a large, mature tree. Though trees are the lungs of our environment, sometimes there removal is better for the overall environment of your property and your landscaping. We perform safe and efficient tree removal in Derby, KS using state of the art equipment. The process is fast and convenient and affordable. You don’t have to remain with dead or dying trees on your property when you can rely on the services of a top-rated tree service to remove them.


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If you are seeking a qualified tree service team that uses a holistic approach to tree care, we are the premier choice to contact. Your trees are a valuable investment in your property and worth the time and effort to keep them healthy. But this isn’t a task you need to do yourself. We are available in every season and dedicated to ensuring that your trees thrive and grow. We take a customized approach to tree health and we take our role in your landscaping seriously as we know that trees provide great quality of life and curb appeal. Call us today for a consultation. We are happy to provide a detailed free estimate of service.